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  Field-specific competence

Since 1992, ‹bersetzerTeam Himken has been providing translations in the fields of finance, banking and stock exchange activities. Over the years we have come to specialize in translating:
  • Macroeconomic and company-specific analyses and studies
  • Monthly, semi-annual and annual reports, prospectuses, marketing brochures, RFPs and newsletters not to mention the complete documentation for and communication with investment fund shareholders
  • Trade press articles
  • Balance sheets and financial texts
  • Rating reports and credit risk analyses
  • Presentations for investment companies

Linguistic competence

Only the native speaker is truly at home in his or her own language and, consequently, able to recognize and interpret the subtleties and nuances of the mother tongue. In order to offer our clients different language combinations (see below) provided by experts with native-speaker competence, we have built up a network of freelance translators who are also native English and French speakers. All our translators have many years of experience in the financial industry and first-rate qualifications in their fields.


The "four-eyes" principle
Quality and quality assurance are the cornerstones of our work. All our translations are completed in a prime editing environment according to the "four-eyes" principle; in other words, every translation is proofread by another colleague who examines technical, grammatical and orthographic accuracy as well as style. Sentence for sentence, we personally proof and correct each translation submitted by our affiliated translators.
Industry- and client-specific terminology
In addition to industry-specific and technical terminology, all our clients use their own particular language and terms. It is frequently expected that translators stringently adhere to corporate style guidelines. We incorporate client terminology and style specifications into our translation and terminology databases thereby ensuring consistent use of the specific terms used and prescribed by our clients.